Beyond the World Cup

The FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar will be held over just 34 days. During that period spectator numbers will reach billions, media coverage will be frenzied, and the excitement will be palpable in countries all over the world.

However, Qatar announced its intention to bid for the 2022 games on 16th March 2009, over 13 years before kick-off. And, when the final whistle blows? The hosting batten will need to be handed over to the United States, Mexico and Canada, the 2026 hosts, to much pomp and ceremony. Not only that but the legacy projects that will ensure the lasting reach of the tournaments economic, environmental, social benefits, may continue for years.

So, while most of us will only feel the effects of the 2022 games for the month or so that it lasts, for many the influence of the World Cup spans far beyond the tournament dates.

In the articles below, you can read about Qatar’s bid for the World Cup hosting rights - why they bid for the games and what made their bid stand out and win. The 12 years of preparations that went into organising such a phenomenal event; the projects and programmes Qatar has implemented to ensure a positive legacy from the games; and, the handover ceremonies planned for the 2026 hosts.

The World Cup Qatar 2022 and beyond
The Bid - Making History

Qatar’s win and their subsequent hosting of the FIFA Football World Cup in 2022, will not only make history but will leave a legacy that will benefit us all.

Leaving a Legacy

Qatar aims to deliver an amazing World Cup, delighting fans and attracting new supporters. Even more important, however, is the event legacy - how Qatar will use the power of the football to benefit society beyond the game?

Social Legacy

Qatar aims at strengthening local, regional and global unity, promoting healthier lifestyles, and increasing opportunities for all in sports, education and employment.

Sports Legacy

By implementing tailored initiatives, Qatar aims to stimulate the country’s sporting industry and improve access to sports for all.

Environmental Legacy

Qatar has committed to embedding environmental sustainability into the preparations for, and in the hosting of the World Cup in 2022.