The Game in Qatar

Qatar’s history with football may only have begun as recently as the 1950s, but their love for the game has grown exponentially. Their commitment to the game rivals the most fervent of supporters around the globe.

Qatar’s passion for football is evident. Local teams are ardently supported by fans who attend matches religiously; wearing their team colours with pride and good-naturedly taunting the opposition with terrace chants to encourage their team. The national football team is revered as they work towards finding international acclaim. Their successes celebrated in the streets of Doha by processions of cars tooting their horns and waving the national flag of Qatar. Football is played by thousands of locals and expats, men, women and children, in parks, at the beach, at training grounds and in stadiums every day, all over the country.

It is not just fans of the game who are eager to drive the tiny nation’s football standing. The Qatari government and the Royal family, to support their vision of a healthy, socially satisfied nation, with a growing economy and presence of the international scene, have also kicked off numerous projects and initiatives over the years to support sports development, in particular, football. From developing football academies (at home and abroad), talent scouting programmes, provisions for women and children, training camps and more, to investing in world-renowned clubs and talent, Qatar is making its mark on the game.

The 2022 FIFA Football World Cup in Qatar is an exceptional feather in the country’s footballing hat. However, the passion for the game, the drive to succeed as a nation and to produce homegrown talent and a game accessible to everyone, underpins it all.

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