Taking a flight to Qatar with your World Cup 2022 tickets in your hand is bound to be a thrill. However, the World Cup football tournament is just one exceptional reason to visit Qatar. Qatar is a unique country with a modern, vibrant capital city. Its people are hospitable, it has a fascinating culture, astounding architecture and a host of things to do - from relaxing activities to adventure sports. Even the country’s airport is an attraction with its stunning design, 5-star shopping, high-end dining and art exhibitions. Your football adventures start, not in the Stadiums, but when you land at Hamad International Airport - the Gateway to Qatar, Doha and the FIFA World Cup 2022.

When you travel to a country for the first time, the moment your plane touches down, your instinct is to look out of the window at the landscape before you. Unsurprisingly, it comprises a runway, aeroplanes and the airport terminal. However, that typical airport scene prompts your first impressions of what lies beyond the Arrivals Gate.

Landing at Hamad International Airport (HIA) in Doha, you know the city and the country beyond have much to offer.

Hamad International Airport
Onward Travel

With a wide variety of transport options available to travellers arriving in Qatar, onward travel from the Hamad International Airport is fast and efficient.

Special Services

If you would like to experience some of the special services offered by HIA, or you need special assistance through the airport, check out the conveniences available.


If you are a citizen or a resident of Qatar, or from one of the GCC countries, you can use E-Gates to fast-track through Immigration.

Arriving in Qatar

Arriving at Hamad International Airport, visitor's can look forward to a quick, easy and comfortable journey through to the Arrivals Hall.

Airport Transfers in Qatar

As arrivals, transfers and departures are all in one terminal at Qatar’s airport, catching connecting flights is a relatively relaxed affair.

Departing from Qatar

Departures at Qatar's Hamad International Airport is so good you'll be glad you arrived three hours early to take it all in.