July 26, 2020


Queuing at Immigration is never a barrel of laughs. However, since they opened in 2014, Hamad International Airport (HIA) has made great strides in giving customers a more enjoyable travel experience, including through Passport Control.
If you are a citizen or a resident of Qatar, or from one of the GCC countries, you can use E-Gates to fast-track through Immigration, both at Arrivals and Departures.
E-Gates are easy to use, and you only require your Qatar ID card, your GCC country ID card, or your passport to make use of the system. There is an initial registration process required at the Enrollment Booths adjacent to the E-Gates.
Currently, only adults and children over the age of 16 years of age can use E-Gates. However, there is talk of a ‘Family Registration Programme’ in the pipeline. This will allow parents to register their children on their ID card, allowing them to use the E-Gates as a family. Watch this space for updates!
So, avoid long immigration queues and enjoy a faster route through the airport; check out our ‘How To - Register For and Use the E-Gates at HIA guide below.

How To Register and Use the E-Gates at HIA

Before you can use the E-Gates at HIA, you will need to register at Enrollment Booths adjacent to the E-Gate kiosks. The process is very straight-forward and only takes a couple of minutes to complete:
Step 1 - Scan your ID card at one of the Enrollment Booth scanners.
Step 2 - Your picture and fingerprints should be displayed on the scanner screen. If not, you may be required to rescan your fingerprints. Follow the instructions provided.

Note: This is a one-time-only procedure. Once you have registered your ID card, you will be able to use the E-Gates without needing to revisit the Enrollment Booths.

Once you are registered to use the E-Gates, the next step is to present yourself at an E-Gate kiosk with your ID card to hand:

Step 1 - Place your ID card or passport on the scanner at the first E-Gate barrier. The system will register your information, and the glass barrier should open, allowing you to enter the E-Gate.
Step 2 - Once in the middle of the E-Gate barriers, you will be directed to allow the machine to perform an iris scan or fingerprint scan. For the iris scan, stand as directed and remove any eyewear. Fingerprint scans are performed by placing a thumb or a finger on the scanner. Scans will only take a few seconds to complete.
Step 3 - Once the system has matched and verified your ID/passport information with your iris/fingerprint scan, the second glass barrier should open, allowing you to proceed to Security Screening.

Image: Ministry of Interior in Qatar, Facebook

Published: January 09, 2020
Last updated: July 26, 2020
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