July 26, 2020

Special Services

Doha’s Hamad International Airport (HIA) has a passenger terminal spanning 600,000 sqm, which will be expanded during the years leading up to the FIFA World Cup 2022. The airport, its facilities and services, have been designed to offer, across its entire expanse, an efficient and comfortable travel experience for all passengers. From parking your car to boarding the plane, or from alighting the plane in Doha to leaving the Arrivals Hall for the city, the airport aims to provide a seamless travel experience.
The airport employs ‘smart’ technology to hasten travel formalities. It has a large Duty-Free area and several entertainment nodes to divert waiting passengers. There are food and beverage outlets to suit every taste. And, there are a host of other facilities; all intended to help ease the passenger journey through the airport. They also offer several Special Services, based around customer service staff, customer-centric facilities and technologies, and barrier-free access.
It seems as though HIA’s attention to detail has paid off, they have been consecutively ranked as one of the best airports in the world, the best airport in the Middle East, and the best airport for staff service in the Middle East (SKYTRAX World Airport Awards).
If you would like to experience some of the special services offered by HIA, or you need special assistance through the airport, check out the conveniences available:

Al Maha Services

No matter how tech-forward and modern an airport is, there will always be airport formalities such as checking-in, immigration and security checks. There will always be a period of waiting for your flight to depart or your connecting flight to arrive. And, after a long-haul flight, there will always be a desire to freshen up! At Hamad International Airport, Al Maha Services aim to take the fuss out of the formalities, provide the opportunity to relax while you wait, and the facilities to refresh and recharge before your onward journey.
Al Maha offer, for a fee, a Meet and Assist service and Lounge services.

Meet and Assist Service

If you book one of Al Maha’s Meet and Assist packages, you can relax in the knowledge that all the travel formalities will be taken care of for you. From the point of arrival at the airport to departure or onward journey, you can take a leisurely journey through the airport - bypassing the queues at Check-In, Immigration and Security, and relaxing in the comfort of an Al Maha lounge.
Depending on the package you opt for (Gold, Platinum or Family), a personal assistant will meet you when you arrive at the airport. They will arrange for porter service for your baggage, fast-track you through the official airport procedures, and generally assist you until you are priority-boarded onto your plane, or you exit to the Arrivals Hall.
If you don’t require the Meet and Assist service, you can pay for lounge access only. Whether you are arriving, departing or transferring, you can make use of all the facilities these exclusive lounges have to offer.

Lounge Service

The are several Al Maha Lounges in the airport - one in Departures, one in Transit, and two in Arrivals (one airside and one landside). Exclusive to Al Maha users and Qatar Airways Privilege Cardholders (Gold and Platinum), the lounges are a great place to relax and while away a few hours. Each lounge offers refreshments (self-service style buffet of international hot and cold foods), high-speed WIFI, business facilities, television area, quiet areas, smoking rooms, and comfortable seating. Both the landside Arrivals Lounge and the Transit Lounge also offer shower facilities for guests.

If you would like to book any of the Al Maha services, head to their website, Al Maha Services, and use the online booking form.

Image: www.al-mahaservices.com

Assisted Services

For passengers with disabilities, travelling can be a daunting experience. Without suitable facilities designed for accessible travel, the simplest of tasks can become complicated. Whether it be lack of ramps, lack of suitable signage, lack of accessible transport, washrooms or seating, or communication difficulties, these barriers can make travel extremely frustrating. At Hamad International Airport a variety of facilities and services are in place to make disabled travel comfortable and hassle-free.
Outward bound airport journeys generally begin in the carpark. Both the short-stay and long-stay car parks at HIA have dedicated disabled parking spaces adjacent to the terminal.

Specially adapted taxis to and from the airport are available through the Mowasalat Transport Company. On exiting the airport, taxis can be requested at the taxi rank located in the Arrivals Hall. For booking a taxi to the airport, ring +974 4458 8588.

A network of elevators, escalators, lifts, ramps, moving walkways, and an inter-terminal passenger train in Departures, provide ease of access for those with restricted mobility. There are even elevators at some of the A380 boarding gates to ensure that everyone can reach the upper deck of this impressive plane.

Complimentary wheelchairs are available at the airport and can be requested by calling your airline before arrival. Personal assistance staff are available to meet passengers from their cars, or their plane, and assist them into the airport. Wheelchairs may also be requested (departing Doha or arriving) at any of the airports Information Desks.


Passengers who would like to take their own wheelchair to their end destination are advised to contact their airline in advance - while all non-electric wheelchairs can be ‘checked-in’ as baggage, there are different rules and regulations concerning electric wheelchairs.

Whether you are arriving into or departing from Doha, help is available. Personal assistance staff can be arranged to meet you as you arrive at the airport, or as you disembark from your plane and will stay with you for as long as you require. They can help with check-in procedures, passport control, security checks, baggage claim and customs, and they will ensure that you are fast-tracked through each stage of the airport journey.

Getting Help

You should call ahead of travelling to arrange for personal assistance through the airport.

  • If you travel with Qatar Airways, call their offices (+974 4465 8057) to arrange for a representative to meet you from the plane;
  • If you are flying with another airline, call the Qatar Aviation Service (+974 4462 1745).

Checking in at HIA is generally a breeze. There are well over 100 check-in desks; all situated in wide aisles and with plenty of staff around to help passengers. A dedicated adapted check-in desk is provided on each check-in row - the last counter of every Qatar Airways row and the first counter of every other airline row. Seated check-in desks are available for First Class and Business passengers.

Throughout the airport you can find adapted washrooms - they are all signposted. And, for some peace and quiet away from the madding crowd, you can always make use of the dedicated lounges (one in Departures and one in Transit). The lounges offer comfortable seating and television. There are also trained attendants available to offer assistance should it be required.

There are many conveniences available for the disabled traveller at HIA all designed to help make the journey to and from Doha as seamless as possible. So, for barrier-free travel look no further.

Unaccompanied Minors Service

If your child is travelling alone for any reason, it can be a worry. Will they be okay? Will they know where to go and how to navigate all of the airport formalities? What if they need something, who will they ask?

At Hamad International Airport, unaccompanied minors (5 to 15 years old) are offered a variety of assistance to help them on their journey through the airport in comfort and safety.


On arrival in Doha, an airline representative will greet your child and escort them through the airport to the Arrivals Hall to meet their nominated adult.

Nominated Adult

If your child is travelling alone, it is important that when they get to their destination, they are handed over to a nominated adult. You will be required to provide the nominated adult's details to the airline before your child travels. The nominated adult will be required to bring with them specific documentation and identification, as specified by the airline.

The airline representative will ensure that they are fast-tracked through Immigration and Security, and will assist them in collecting their baggage and passing through Customs.

Exit Permit

Your child must have an exit permit to leave Qatar. Exit permits can be requested through Metrash2 or by visiting one of the Ministry of Interior Service Centres.


Minors will be met by an airline representative at the Check-In Row assigned to their flight. The representative will fast-track them through immigration and security, and escort them to a dedicated young travellers lounge to wait for their flight.

Young Passengers Lounge

HIA has a dedicated lounge for minors travelling alone. Kids can entertain themselves in the play areas, areas for sitting and reading, and areas for watching TV or playing video games. Refreshments are available, and child-friendly washrooms and amenities are on hand.

The lounge is safe, secure and supervised by trained staff at all times. Only designated staff are allowed access to the lounge. Children may leave the lounge to wander in the Duty-Free area, but, if they are under 13 years of age, they must be accompanied by a lounge supervisor. 13-15-year-olds must leave their passports with the lounge attendant.

When the flight is ready, the airline representative will collect your child and accompany them to the Boarding Gate. Young passengers will be priority boarded.


On arrival in Doha, minors will be met by an airline representative and escorted to the Transfers Hall.

The airline representative will ensure that they are fast-tracked through Transfers and Security Screening, and will escort them to the Young Passengers Lounge.

When the flight is ready, the airline representative will collect your child and accompany them to the Boarding Gate. Young passengers will be priority boarded.

Getting the Right Service

  • Before you book a flight for a child who will be travelling alone, ensure that you contact the airline they are flying with beforehand. Your airline will be able to tell you what details and documentation are required to ensure the safety and security of your child while they are at the airport.
  • Once you have booked your child’s flight, you can organise assistance for them by calling the airline at HIA in advance:
    • If you are flying with Qatar Airways, call (+974) 4465 8057.
    • If you are flying with any other airline, call Qatar Aviation Service on (+974) 4462 1745.

Main Image: www.al-mahaservices.com

Published: January 09, 2020
Last updated: July 26, 2020
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