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World Cup History
Iconic FIFA World Cup Goals

Discover some of the most iconic goals in FIFA World Cup history, who scored them and why they were so extraordinary.

The Best and Worst World Cup Matches

There have been some nine hundred World Cup football matches since the inaugural game in 1930; some have been superlative, a joy to behold, others are best forgotten.

The Game in Qatar

70 Years of Football Fever

Since Qatar's football journey began, a little over 70 years ago, the nation has steadily become a prominent member of the international football scene.


Football Academies for Kids in Doha

Helping to shape Qatar's youngest footballers are some excellent training academies. Check out Qatar's finest football schools here.

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Qatar's incredible journey as they become the first Middle Eastern country to host the FIFA World Cup.
Leaving a Legacy
Sports Legacy

By implementing tailored initiatives, Qatar aims to stimulate the country’s sporting industry and improve access to sports for all.

Social Legacy

Qatar aims at strengthening local, regional and global unity, promoting healthier lifestyles, and increasing opportunities for all in sports, education and employment.

Environmental Legacy

Qatar has committed to embedding environmental sustainability into the preparations for, and in the hosting of the World Cup in 2022.

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All you need to know for a smooth trip to Qatar.
July 23, 2024


right now

High -274C.


E km/h


feels like -274°


Weather in Qatar

Travelling to Qatar


Qatar offers a variety of visas, or visa-free entry, depending on which country you hail from, how long you are planning to stay, and what brings you to Qatar.

Types of Visa
Tourist Visas

To visit Qatar, travellers from all over the world need first to see whether they are eligible for visa-free entry, or they need to apply for a Tourist Visa.

Business Visas

A business visa is required if you need to do a short-term business trip to Qatar. The length of your stay will determine what type of visa you need.

Residence and Work Permits

To live and work in Qatar, you must have a Work Residence Permit (RP). To be eligible for an RP, you must first have a sponsor.

Visiting Family Visas

If you are a resident in Qatar you may request a Family Visit Visa for your immediate family and for other relatives.

Other Types of Visa

Discover the different types of visas Qatar has available for situations such as studying, investing in or returning to Qatar, and for newborns.

Steeped in tradition but emanating modernity, Qatar will delight, charm and amaze you.

The Culture

Qatari Culture Trip

The influence of ancient Bedouin tribes, seafaring pearl divers, Islam, the Arab world and even expatriates, are all reflected in Qatari culture.

Fabulous places to visit
The Culture Pass

Access Qatar's portfolio of museums and art galleries, and make the most of a host of other benefits, by registering for the QM Culture Pass.

Museums in Qatar

Qatar has a growing collection of museums charting the nation's history, culture and heritage, its links to the world, and its modern-day life.

Seaside Escapes
On the Coast

Qatar has a vast coastline packed with beaches, 5-star hotels and resorts, islands, mangrove forests, wildlife and a host of other attractions.

Great Family Beaches

For a great day out with your nearest and dearest, check out this list of family beaches dotted along Qatar's shores.

Best Beaches for Facilities

If you want to visit a public beach but don't want to compromise on facilities, check out Qatar's free beaches with great amenities in offer.

Top Adventure Beaches

For a myriad of outdoor activities by the sea, check out some of Qatar's finest adventure beaches.

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