Qatar is a relatively young country, only declaring independence in 1971 shortly after the discovery of oil. However, the country's history extends back for far longer.

The ancestors of the majority of Qatari people were nomadic tribesmen, people who wandered and camped on the edges of the deserts and coastline of the Arabian Peninsula. Over the centuries, some tribes settled more permanently along Qatar's coast, establishing villages and towns, and, as more migrants moved in, a thriving pearling industry, ports, garrisons, forts and palaces sprang up.

Many of these historical sights remain today - some as archaeological sites, some restored as museums, and some, along with their artefacts, housed in some of Qatar’s many museums.

Qatar’s culture and heritage are of great importance to its people and are celebrated at protected sites, in museums, art galleries and theatres, souqs and mosques. When it comes to historical and cultural sights, Qatar has a wealth of places for visitors to explore.

However, Qatar is a young, modern and wealthy country too. And, when it comes to modern sights for visitors and residents to discover, they do not disappoint. There are state-of-the-art shopping malls, entertainment villages, theatres, sculpted parks, futuristic cities, modern museums and art galleries, and an abundance of innovative architectural masterpieces - the FIFA 2022 World Cup Stadiums are just one example.

If that were not enough, the country also has a plethora of natural wonders to explore - the desert by far the most impressive.

For sightseeing, there is plenty on offer for visitors and residents alike.

Qatar's Coastline
On the Coast

Qatar has a vast coastline packed with beaches, 5-star hotels and resorts, islands, mangrove forests, wildlife and a host of other attractions.

Qatar’s Coastal Attractions

From traditional souqs, fascinating museums, beautiful parks and natural wonders, to ancient towns and villages, there is something to interest everyone along Qatar's coastline.

Beach Time

Going to the Beach - A Review of Qatar's Public Beaches

When it comes to getting sand between your toes, Qatar has something for everyone, from cultivated beaches to remote and wild sandy shores.

Top Adventure Beaches

For a myriad of outdoor activities by the sea, check out some of Qatar's finest adventure beaches.

Great Family Beaches

For a great day out with your nearest and dearest, check out this list of family beaches dotted along Qatar's shores.

Best Beaches for Facilities

If you want to visit a public beach but don't want to compromise on facilities, check out Qatar's free beaches with great amenities in offer.

Private Beaches

Beach Life Escapes - Qatar's Private Beaches

For a truly relaxing escape that only requires you to bring your swimwear and your wallet, Qatar’s private beaches should be your first port of call.

Museums, Art and Culture in Qatar

Named Arab Capital of Culture in 2010, Qatar lives up to its award with a host of unique museums, galleries and places to explore their culture.

Museums in Qatar

Qatar has a growing collection of museums charting the nation's history, culture and heritage, its links to the world, and its modern-day life.

Qatar Museums

The Culture Pass

Access Qatar's portfolio of museums and art galleries, and make the most of a host of other benefits, by registering for the QM Culture Pass.