July 26, 2020

The Ocean of Fire

The fabled, unverified 19th Century 'Ocean of Fire' horse race was said to stretch for 3,000 miles across the Arabian Peninsula. Today, the official ‘World's Longest Horse Race’, at over 600 miles long, is The Mongol Derby.

The Mongol Derby began in 2009, modelled on the messenger system established by Genghis Khan in the early 1200s.
This gruelling ride takes competitors over remote hills, mountain passes, high steppes and dunes, and through valleys, river crossings, wetlands and flood plains - all on the backs of semi-wild horses. Riders spend between 12-14 hours in the saddle per day; the ride lasts for around 10 days.
Recently, the Derby was won by a 70-year-old man, making him the oldest person to win the race.

Published: February 19, 2020
Last updated: July 26, 2020