March 23, 2022

FIFA 2022 World Cup Ticketing Portal Open for Second Sales Phase

From today, football fans across the world will have a second chance to score tickets for the upcoming FIFA 2022 World Cup Qatar

The initial sales promotion, which operated as a random selection draw and ran from January 19th to February 8th, is now over, with tickets being allocated and secured through subsequent purchases. The second sales phase, which only runs for one week, operates on a first-come, first-served basis. 

During this sales phase, fans can apply for a range of tickets and packages, subject to availability, via FIFA’s ticketing portal. However, FIFA has warned fans to register as soon as possible; the tickets will likely sell out fast, based on the many millions who applied during the initial sales phase.

Unlike the first round of sales, where applicants had to wait for a month to find out if they had bagged their chosen tickets or not, tickets applications during the second sales phase will be processed in real-time. Ticket transactions will be confirmed immediately after purchase.

Tickets and Packages

A variety of tickets and packages are on sale, from the Group Stage matches up to the Final. Fans may purchase either single match tickets or, thanks to Qatar’s compact nature, batches of tickets to follow specific teams or visit several stadiums. 

The tickets and packages on offer include:

  • Individual Match Ticket(s):

Tickets for specific matches across all stages of the tournament. 

Up to six tickets per match in one ticket category and up to sixty tickets throughout the tournament may be purchased under a single name.

  • Team-Specific Ticket Series:

Ticket packages that allow fans to follow their team throughout the tournament. Packages can be bought for 3, 4 or 7 matches. Three match bundles give spectators access to Group Stage matches only, four-match deals provide access to Group Stage and Round of 16 games, and seven-match packages allow fans to watch their favoured team from the Group Stage to the Final.

  • Stadium Ticket Series:

Ticket packages that enable fans to attend four different matches in four different stadiums on subsequent days - a fairly worthwhile endeavour considering the world-class stadiums Qatar has constructed for the 2022 event!

  • Accessibility Tickets:

Tickets that provide the holder with access to specific facilities and spaces for disabled people and people with limited mobility.


Seats for the 2022 World Cup, whether for individual matches or those sold for batches of games, are on sale under several categories:

  • Category 1: The highest-priced tickets, with seats located in prime areas of the stadium. 
  • Category 2: The second highest priced tickets, with seats located in desirable locations outside the prime stadium areas. 
  • Category 3: The lowest-priced tickets for visitors to Qatar, with seats located outside the Category 1 and 2 areas. 
  • Category 4: the most affordable tickets, reserved exclusively for Qatari residents.

Individual Match Tickets for Categories 1, 2 and 3 start from just QR 250 and rise to QR5,850. Category four and accessibility tickets will cost from QR 40 to QR 750.

The Team Specific Ticket Series for Categories 1, 2 and 3 will cost from QR 825 to QR 2,640 for three-match packages, QR 1,210 to QR 5,335 for four-match deals and QR 5,885 to QR 17,303 for seven-game bundles. Accessibility tickets are significantly less, starting at QR 132 for three games and up to QR 2,090 for seven.

The Stadium Specific Ticket Series will set fans back between QR 1,000 and QR 4,650 for seats in Categories 1, 2 and 3, and between QR 160 and QR 320 for accessibility tickets.

VISA cards are the exclusive payment method accepted for residents of Qatar, while VISA and other payment cards are accepted for international fans.

Applying for Tickets

To apply for the chance to attend what is being hailed as the best World Cup ever, fans need to head to the Ticketing Portal on the FIFA website. 

  • To enter the ticketing portal, visitors will need to register as international guests or Qatari residents if they have not done so previously. 
  • Upon entering the portal, visitors will be asked to Sign In or Sign Up for an account, providing all relevant contact information. 
  • Once signed in, guests may choose the type of ticket they wish to apply for from the four products available - Individual Tickets, Team-Specific Series, Stadium Series or Accessibility Tickets.
  • Guests may then select the match or ticket series they would like, choosing a Category and the number of tickets required. If more than one ticket is required, the names and contact details of each individual attending the event must be provided.
  • Having selected the type, Category and number of tickets desired, guests will be asked to check all contact details and provide any additional information before confirming their choices and submitting their applications.
  • If the ticket application has been successful, guests will be invited to purchase their seats.
  • Once purchased, confirmation of tickets will be provided.

Good luck on your road to Qatar!

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Published: March 23, 2022
Last updated: March 23, 2022
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