February 17, 2021 ·
Qatar’s Coastal Attractions

From traditional souqs, fascinating museums, beautiful parks and natural wonders, to ancient towns and villages, there is something to interest everyone along Qatar's coastline.


November 09, 2020 ·
Qatari National Identity

We represent national identity through a host of means - colours, symbols, emblems, illustrations - Qatar is no exception. Find out more here...

November 09, 2020 ·
Cultural Etiquette in Qatar

Qatar is a modern metropolis, peaceable and tolerant of others. However, visitors are asked to respect the nation's traditions and values. Read on to ensure you're familiar with local customs.

November 09, 2020 ·
Qatari Culture Trip

The influence of ancient Bedouin tribes, seafaring pearl divers, Islam, the Arab world and even expatriates, are all reflected in Qatari culture.

November 06, 2020 ·
Museums in Qatar

Qatar has a growing collection of museums charting the nation's history, culture and heritage, its links to the world, and its modern-day life.

November 06, 2020 ·
Museums, Art and Culture in Qatar

Named Arab Capital of Culture in 2010, Qatar lives up to its award with a host of unique museums, galleries and places to explore their culture.

World Cup

November 09, 2020 ·
The Qatari World Cup Brand

Qatar's World Cup brand celebrates football and its power to unite, the Qataris unique culture and heritage, and the nation's journey to 2022.